Media Covergence 21st Century: Medium is the Message

If you have watched historical period drama films, the method to pass message from one person to another person was typically done through pigeon post. After a millennium, thanks to the development of printing, message can be delivered in a much faster and efficient way. This invention helped preserved information into tangible forms, which were passed down across generations.

Source: Keonl Cabral

Contemporary, the digitized revolution has completely transformed the “traditional” interaction among humans. Since little, we are enthralled with various kinds of inventions and innovations of technology. Most of us have been so used with the convenience of clicking the button “send”; we somehow embody this way of communication as an intrinsic phenomenon. The world we live today is so privilege that we do not even realize the convergence of media.

In today’s context, the medium also plays a form of expression to our identity. If you think about it, most of us do tend to have preference towards a certain type of brand over another although the devices sold by both of these brands serve the same function and purpose. For example, smartphones. Putting aside all the features and price, which would you choose between Samsung Note 5 and iPhone 6s?



As McLeod (2014) stated, in reference to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory,once a person has fulfilled his lower basic needs, he/she will gradually progress to the next level to actualize their desires. This just implies to how we no longer worry about the speed and efficiency of passing messages, but becoming more central-ed towards the type of medium communication we want to own.








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