IOS vs Android

Source: George Thomas

Speaking of operating systems, most of us would think of these two platforms namely IOS and Android owned by Apple and Google respectively.

First off, let’s pretend these platforms as human beings we know. I would describe Apple IOS as confident and prideful. He/she is compounded by his/her own thoughts and ability to turn dreams into reality. In short, Apple has attitude and is sophisticated. Android would be like the boy/girl next-door who is friendly and quirky, in a good way. He/she is also appealing and fits in easily. What I’m trying to imply is that there are no good or bad in personality traits. Just like the philosophy behind these systems, both have their own limitations and affordability for their users.

IOS is a closed appliance with complete control over its platform, content and user whereas Android is an open and free platform which anyone can access and modify the code. The ideology behind Apple’s IOS closed appliance is that it wishes its users to have the best experience, in using features and applications created by Apple’s own developers only. Hence, Apple’s plug-ins can be more productive and seamless as compared to Android. On the other hand, Google’s Android does not necessarily lose out as it focuses more on connectivity which allows its users to be producers too at the same time. Its customizable configuration enables consumers to manifest ideas and launch them into Google Play Store.

The drawback for Apple’s closed appliance would be the locked options for its users. It is similar to one-way communication as only the creator is sending messages and ideas, in which users can only receive without the freedom to provide feedback. In correspondence, users of Google’s Android may sometimes face security and credential issues of certain apps due to its independent framework.

On a nutshell, the development processes for both of these closed and generative are relatively different. Depending on the consumers’ preference and needs, the point of interests and experiences certainly will vary.



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