Craft and Digital Making: The Good & Bad


Image courtesy of Brian Williams 

In today’s media convergence, we have come to a point where everyone can make anything possible. We are certainly privileged to be given a choice to be creative as much as we want.  It is literally a life circle—in the past everything had to be done from scratch, then the world advanced to a phase of mass production; and today, we come back to appreciate the art of craft making. The emergence of technology can be quite ironic as it affects humans’ lives both beneficially and faultily.

The Good

Thanks to modern technology, digital making is feasible. An object can be customized and personal, which helps realize its user – or in this case, “produser”—a dream or an idea to be true.  Surely, this process will involve a lot of experimentation and effort, which provides the art much more of an aesthetic value. Nothing is worth more than the end result –the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

The Bad

However, the danger of technology is when it falls to the wrong hands. By wrong, this means creating something for the sake of his/her own benefit in which cause harm to others. Due to the convenience and versatility of digital making, some may abuse its usage. For example, assembling dangerous objects like weapons without surveillance can increase criminal violations, which is a threat to nation security. Other complexity can be the ease of fraud by scanning important documentations of private belongings.

Here comes the question, should there be a need for law enforcement?

Life is not always a bed of roses nor a bed of thorns. It has always been a debate that when there is Government interference, human creativity will be limited. Thus, in order to preserve that freedom of expression, we should be answerable of our conscience and responsible for our actions.

For this topic, I have created a Prezi.







One thought on “Craft and Digital Making: The Good & Bad

  1. The development of Digital making allow us have more opportunities to make their own products. As you said, it also have the bad threat, the key is everyone take responsibility for their actions and think about the harm possibilty.


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