Online Persona: Gain or Lose?

A sensational worldwide phenomenon; fans (mostly fangirls) from all over the world; and leading the life of Riley; just at the age of 22.

The person who has achieved all of the above is none other than—Justin Bieber.

Who knew homemade videos of a kid singing on Youtube, would be discovered by Usher?  Since that day onward, his life totally changed.

Having more than 83 million of followers on Twitter, Justin Bieber surely can feel like on the top of the world. It is known Justin is behind majority of his tweets. In other words, he knows the importance of getting close and connected to his fans personally. Social media has certainly become one of the most effective marketing and communication tools for celebrities to self-promote themselves. Not to mention the fact that he has an army of die-hard fans that always has his back.

Screenshot (2).pngImage courtesy of Twitter

Indeed, the name of Justin Bieber is no longer new; but his doings and whereabouts often make news. (pun intended) That is the price to pay for fame. Not only celebrities, even for everyday people, social media is a platform to tell stories and speak for themselves. The difference, however, being public figures, they are expected to be always on their best behaviour and own the responsibility to be good role models in society.

Screenshot (3).pngImage courtesy of Twitter  *Justin Bieber announced on another social media account (Instagram) that he would not take any more pictures with fans. This soon received storms of backlash.*

It is interesting to note how social media helps to gain popularity but also a breaking point especially for public figures. It is a dilemma for celebrities having to choose between: freedom of expression or compromising with the standards?


2 thoughts on “Online Persona: Gain or Lose?

  1. I agree your point.Celebrity can get the popularity in Social Network, in the meanwhile it also brought some trouble, their personal life expose easier, they need to restrain their behavior and be a good role model.


  2. When I access this topic first time, the thing that was occurred in my head was the Justin Bieber’s issue. So I was really glad to read same approach work with me. I exactly agree with your point which is social media helps to gain popularity and a breaking point at the same time, As you mentioned previously, choosing between freedom of expression and compromising with the standards could be a big worry to celebrities.


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